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Thu, Jun. 8th, 2006, 10:59 pm
to noodle, or not to noodle

I am currently debating whether or not to heat up those noodles. They're just sitting there in their little tupperware container in the fridge, calling to me. I understand their argument. Yes, I guess I should be hungry. Yes, there is a distinct possibility that I'll go to bed and wither away because I didn't realize I was hungry until I was sleeping. But wait that isn't right... Silly noodles! You can't just wither away in your sleep. It isn't possible. Either it wouldn't be so bad and you'd just wake up pretty damn hungry or if it was terrible verge-of-death my stomach is eating itself hunger, don't you think I'd wake up? You couldn't just starve to death. But they are some tasty looking noodles. I haven't actually tried them yet but they look scrumptious. Angel hair pasta in some sort of yummy sauce. I'm not hungry though. I should be hungry but I'm not really... oh wait. I got hungry. I guess it was all the talk of delicious noodles. I love noodles. I really do. They're perfect. There are all of these possibilities with noodles. You could put vegetables or meats in noodles, yum. You could put sauces, yum yum. You could even just have them plain. What a fabulous food! Mmmm... noodles. I want some noodles now. Those noodles have fully won me over. Yum yum noodles I AM GOING TO EEEEEEEAT YOOU!

Sun, Apr. 23rd, 2006, 12:23 am
Am too

Tanisha says that I'm never on this thing and it's the truth. I cant even remember the last time I wrote a bloggy thingy. I'm suprised I still know how to use this. Well, I just got back from prom so I keep having to go back and correct all of my many spelling errors. I think I'm pretty out of it. It was fun though. I danced practically the entire time. My own unique blend of freaking, hippie hand-dances, ballet, and various animal motions.  Better than just standing in place and gyrating. But now I am very tired. My muscles are all sore and what not. Okay, I dont even know what to write in here. This is really just so Tanisha stops saying "Renee! You're never on Livejournal. Go write something!" Except I think she's only said that to me once. Whatever, she's thinking it. Constantly I bet. Even while she's sleeping. In her dreams she probably forces me to write entries chanting "livejournal is your friend livejournal is your friend livejournal is your friend." Or she could just dream about flying or eating soup. Its her dream, she can do what she likes.
Its 12:30 right now and my voice is still gone. After prom it was actually better for a little while. I was talking to Dain and he told me I didn't sound like a robot anymore. Thats good, even though I never thought I sounded like a robot. I just thought I sounded like a boy going through puberty. I dont know which I'd rather be. A robot would be cool, but would it be a futuristic sci-fi robot or one of those lame robots we have now that can only build cars or play chess or pick up a newspaper? If it was a futuristic robot, that'd be way cooler than being a boy. Except that robots have no souls. I think that I like having a soul. Its nice. But anyways, my voice is still gone and I have performances tomorrow. I think I'll use some listerine and some cough medicine and hope for the best.

Do you think that if I were a robot, I would have a beautiful singing voice?

Sun, Nov. 27th, 2005, 08:15 pm
Oh ho ho picture time!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hey cool! Look what I can do now! I'm so very proud of myself. Disproportionately proud.

Wed, Oct. 26th, 2005, 11:29 pm
holy bogosity batman!

Well, I am certainly busy lately now aren't I? But I'm driving, which is absolutely wonderful. I had never before experienced the joys of playing whatever you want and singing along to it as badly as you like. It is absolutely fantastic. Plus the inherent ability to stop off somewhere and grab a sobe without even having to ask. It's just more of a "have I got the time?" with the general answer of "hells yeah!" Like for example: Just today, I was in the car and someone in the car said "Can we stop at L&L?" and I said "Hells yeah!" (well not really, I think I just said "sure" which sounds a bit more likely given the situation). Wow. That was a really bad example. Okay, so I don't have a good example for that at all yet. Uh... I did think of stopping for cough drops for a second but then I thought I was late and I was all "Mom'll probably pick some up." Yeah. Mom didn't. So now I still don't have any cough drops. Good news is: I am sneezing far more than I am coughing. Which is very very good. I hate coughing. Especially the kind that just builds up in your throat and you don't actually cough for a long time, you just sort of tear up and are generally very miserable. Or the kind where you just keep coughing and it hurts cause you have a sore throat or you think you might just cough until you get your whole lungs out. Sneezings way better. Sometimes it can actually feel quite nice. Like itching the bottom of your foot. It might tickle, but it certainly feels alot better afterwards. Unless you're in class and you sneeze really hard so the contents of your nose just sort of go for freedom. That sucks. Then you have to like wipe it on the inside of your t-shirt all sly-like but it's just generally horrible. Wow. I think I was talking about driving. Whatever. This works too.

Sat, Oct. 15th, 2005, 04:48 pm
hol-uh crap! I'm back!

Okay, well Tanisha has posted a new journal entry and I was all "Hol-uh crap! I had forgotten about LiveJournal!" So I'm back. Now lets see... I guess I have to have some sort of a purpose for posting today so I better think of one. Hmm... You may have to give me a minute here. Uh... I'll come back and just leave you here with this wonderfully entertaining mess of words with no meaning. Empty soul-less words. I bet when I delete them they go to word-hell. I wonder what word-hell would be. Would they be constantly misspelled and mispronounced? Would they be constantly translated back and forth from Mandarin to Swahili to Russian and then back again? Would their meanings be distorted? If that is word-hell I'm sure Vaginate is in it. Poor Vaginate. I bet it cries itself to sleep.

PS In spell check, Vaginate turns into "Vagina Te", "Vagina's" (as in; that is vagina's soda bottle) and "Cognate". That can be another circle of word-hell. Where spell check hates you.

Fri, Dec. 31st, 2004, 10:56 pm
Death to the Year of the Monkey

I just wrote an entire entry. I highlighted it to copy it so that I wouldnt lose any of the information and pressed paste instead of copy. I ended up with just this http://www.purevolume.com/shows/145698 and no entry. I am so mad. Now I'm going to retype it, to attempt to recreate the LONG entry I had ALREADY WRITTEN.

My Resolutions For 2005

  • Think of resolutions for 2006

There we go, all done. Except that its cheating. Fine, I'll write better ones.

  • Learn to play random songs on the guitar.
  • Figure out how to correctly work the toaster.
  • Learn to shade properly.
  • Write the fictional biography of my former english teacher.
  • CLEAN MY CLOSET... often.
  • Make 12 new friends. [woo for the cornball!]
  • Pinch a stranger.
  • Write letters to strangers.

There. Now I can look back at all the things I havent done. Next December I'll still be burning toast. I just thought of something.

I'll be wearing these underpants until next year.


PS- Check out the band Pennylane here or here. They're an excellent band from Kauai and even though they moved to Seattle or so, they still play shows here. Therefore, they must be supported. We get just about zero concerts on Kauai. Of course theres Hawaiian music, but Hawaiian music sucks.

Wed, Nov. 10th, 2004, 07:26 pm
"Yeah... I fell off a car..."

On friday there was the food fair, dance class and Kapa'a's homecoming. I had to bring this duffel bag to school to fit all the stuff: taco shells, tap shoes, change of clothes etc. However, during school the instructor called a select few of the students and told them there wasn't dance class because she got sick/hurt her back/whatever. A few of us decide to just neglect to tell our ride that there isn't class, get driven to KCC and go to the mall instead. We get down there and begin to wonder how we're actually going to get to Kukui Grove when [names withheld] drives up. We try to get him to give us a ride but he wont roll down the windows or unlock the doors. I turn to [a friend] and say something about how we should just sit on the trunk of his car. He starts driving away and I do just about the stupidest thing I've done in my entire life.Collapse )

Fri, Oct. 29th, 2004, 10:36 pm

For the past week or so its been raining. Not raining so much as THE SKIES ARE ATTEMPTING TO RINSE US FROM THE EARTH. The other day it was raining especially hard about the time I need to leave for the bus. Actually from before 6 am to around 6:35 or so (it didnt stop then). So I was listening to the radio, hoping beyond hope that maybe school would be closed. I had no such luck but the man on the radio was warning us of the water that had pooled in the road. He informed us that the correct term for this was 'Urban Puddling'. Now I want you to say that a couple of times. Urban Puddling.

Sat, Oct. 16th, 2004, 09:31 pm

You are Kairet Mustapha.  You have a heart full of anxiety and sorrow.  Your husband was the Chief Security Officer for the ex-President of Nigeria.  You have $30 million in an account in Ghana though you can't afford a comfortable meal.  You want to give me 20%.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

eeeheee... I'm a Nigerian spammer. I spam you all with my millions.

These here internets entertains me greatly!

Sun, Oct. 10th, 2004, 11:56 pm
About damn time I started Ranting

I was randomly surfing around livejournal and the various linked pages when I came across the online version of the LoneStar Newspaper. After endorsing Kerry in an editorial the paper got alot of angry, outraged and threatening letters (along with alot of letters supporting their endorsement). Reading through them I became increasingly horrified at many of the Pro-Bush letters. One of which really caught my eye...: [LETTER REPRINTED WITHOUT PERMISSION OR AUTHORIZATION]

"I am embarrassed and sad that someone who names his paper after the great State of Texas (LONE STAR) could have the audacity to take a public position against our President. President Bush and the first Lady represent everything real TEXANS and CHRISTIANS stand for today. I cannot understand how anyone in your community could ever buy an ad or one of your papers again. Please think about what John Kerry represents as compared to President Bush and hopefully you will make the decision to honor your home by supporting OUR PRESIDENT"

First of all I'd like to clarify that not ALL of the pro-bush/anti-kerry letters were horrifyingly bullheaded and scary. A few were extremely polite and kindly pointed out discrepancies in the endorsement letter (errors are going to be made, face it everyone, the media is screwing us over). Its just that the vast majority of pro-bush letters WERE mean and violently worded. The letter I posted in this journal is a classic stereotype of Texans For Bush. [i'm sure not all texans are for bush and i am in no way implying that all texans act in such a manner only that the most vocal give the rest a bad name] The author, first of all, doesn't end up making much of a point. Only "All Texans should be Pro-Bush because he's 'one of us'" "All Americans should blindly follow Bush and support everything he does for the simple reason that he is the PRESIDENT after all" "All Texans and Christians must agree on absolutely everything" and "no one should publicly express their opinions on anything because it just might offend someone"

As a stubborn Anti-Bush (I'm raised by a couple of swing voters and therefore actually look at the candidates as opposed to only the party they run for, where they come from etc.) I can understand how they can be bullheaded and completely cemented to their beliefs. Only I believe that those opinions should be solidly based on issues and that when shooting down another person's opinion a reason should be stated. Not only "Think about what Kerry represents". Which isnt a convincing argument. I ask you, why should I reconsider my beliefs? You most certainly arent. The "George W. and Laura Bush represent what real Texans and Christians should" doesnt get me. Mainly because A: I'm not a Texan and dont plan on converting and B: I'm not a Christian and dont plan on converting. Also I think that true Texans (I'm not so sure about Christians, religion is pretty foreign to me) should have minds of their own and should be free to express their beliefs, like the writer of this letter has.

To be true to my own belief, I shall tell you why I am anti-bush. Its not only because my parents hate them. The Bush Administration is trying to put discrimination in the Constitution by not allowing Same-Sex Marriage. I dont believe that a person should be restricted by who they are. Also The Bush Administration plans to make abortion illegal. I realize that there are many people whos religious beliefs tell them that abortion is murder, however I dont think that their beliefs should be forced upon other people. (I have yet to understand the bombings of abortion clinics and killing of doctors who perform abortions by people who equate abortion with murder. If someone has an answer, please explain to me). The wars in Iraq and on terrorism, the raise in military pay, no child left behind, deforestation to prevent forest fires, and the cultivating of fear among citizens are also issues in the Bush Administration that I oppose. If you have any questions, post or contact me and I will do my best to explain.

Though personally enjoying the amazing venue of FREE SPEECH the author of the above letter doesn't seem to be able to comprehend that free speech applies to everyone and when people have it, debates are not only possible but extremely likely since not everyone is going to believe the same thing. Even the simple statement of "Wow I really like cake" is bound to be met with (probably not angry) retaliations which may include the following: "Pie is better" or "28.34% (fake number) of Cakes are made with ingredients that may have come from slave labor. Therefore you cannot possibly enjoy that cake without adamantly supporting slave labor." and perhaps even "You appear to be enjoying that piece of cake and I shall now take ____% of your cake and instead of calling it stealing, I shall call it taxing."
My main quip with the bush camp (other than supporting bush) is their intolerance of other people's views. Not all of the Bush people do this and certainly not all of the other camps are innocent of it. Therefore that argument is moot.

This year's election has been the most hotly debated of history of the USofA. To the horror of most, polls have shown that Kerry and Bush are running neck and neck. In november, the stress will be relieved when a president is decided. If Kerry wins I will rejoice. If Bush is re-elected I will cry. If Bush is re-elected, my parents have sworn that we will move to France (I battled for Canada but alas, mom wants France and will not back down). This year's election has been the the most hotly ranted in the history of the US of A. And I have added my rant.

[I'm sorry its so long but I cant figure out how to edit in rich text mode]

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